Client Centered

Petredis Investment Advisors does not prospect for new clients. For the past three decades, we have built our investment clientele solely by receiving client referrals. We take pride in that hundreds of our clients have recommended our team to their family, friends and colleagues.

At this time, we only welcome referrals from existing clients, estate attorneys, tax professionals or other related professionals. As a potential new client, when contacting us please include the name of the existing client or professional who facilitated the referral.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Disclosure: PIA may receive referrals from other professionals and may recommend other professionals to clients to implement our recommendations. These additional services by another professional are provided at an additional cost to you, which is based on the nature, extent, complexity, and other characteristics of the services. This creates a conflict of interest because we will have an incentive to recommend additional services based on the prospect of cross-referrals of advisory clients from the other professional or his or her firm.